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Annuals (was: Re: [ox-en] Oekonux 2.0?)

Dear Mathieu, Michel, all!

3 hours ago Stefan Merten wrote:
From:  Michel Bauwens <michelsub2004>

I suggest the creation of a Oekonux annual,

You mean an annual meeting?

Well, I can say that a conference in the format of the Oekonux
Conferences takes at least a year to prepare. This is because of the
volunteer nature but also to give speakers and visitors enough time.
It also needs considerable funding. Also I wonder whether one year
isn't too fast as far as new contributions are regarded.

Annual meetings with a more internal character are a different thing
of course. Though they also need to be organized they need no funding
and would not be as public as the conferences.

One option would be to do such a meeting close to a bigger conference.
However, I don't see any regular conference which is interesting

- despite the urgency of the situation, I think we do have to start with
theory, but the next one could directly delve into a first review of open
projects, say Open Hardware (it could be called 'From Free Software to Open

That would be the 'high road' track.

In parallel, we can do the 'low road' track (marketing it to a broader
audience by making it more easyly accessible and understandable), as
suggested by Matthieu, and for example could start up either the wiki
revamp, or the comics project.

So imagine we start one high road, and one low road project, in order to be
realistic, as regards the voluntary energies involved. If we do one of each,
each year, it seems to me that would be realistic, and we could aim to have
both 'teams' be ready say before the Christmas season ...

I agree that it is important to set priorities (given that we have a
pool of volunteers for everything - which is probably not exactly as
it is).

Since a lot of people complained I think the web site is a top

We should perhaps have at least 2 mailing lists, the usual for continued
'theory' discussion, and pox could be converted for the projects?

Well, [pox] is for general discussion about organizational topics of
Oekonux. It can be used for more specific things of course but we also
can separate this into different mailing lists. I'd suggest to just
start with the existing infrastructure and expand it as necessary.

Please note that we will also start a p2p researchers assn., which will be
based in Hull, exist apart from p2p-f, and will naturally also be a vehicle
for specific p2p publications; a first conference should be able to be held
in November this year.

Wow! This would be really soon! Can you give us an idea about the
format? Any idea about possible cooperation? What about this setup:
One year a conference by the P2P Foundation in cooperation with
Oekonux and one year an Oekonux Conference in cooperation with the P2P
Foundation? But you said that it exists apart from P2P Foundation...

From:  mathieu

a) The [ox] Annual Award is a really good idea - good way to publicise
[ox] and some other project.

I don't get it. Could you outline the idea more?


Contact: projekt

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