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[ox-en] Awards

list-en writes:
a) The [ox] Annual Award is a really good idea - good way to publicise
[ox] and some other project.

I don't get it. Could you outline the idea more?


I brought up this idea in the final plenary.

The idea is to install something similar to the European and Global
Multimedia Awards that have been launched by Salzburg Professor Peter
bruck at the ICNM ? International Center for New Media.

World Summit Award

Austrian State Prize for Multimedia & e-Business

These awards have had quite an impact on the development of the multimedia
scene in Austria. Public Visibility equals attention equals opportunities
to get support and energy.

So my idea since several years is to create a similar award for the world
of Peer Production. It is simply oberdue!

We should have categories like:

* best free software project of the year
* best free harddware design project of the year 
* most important contribution to fundamental open design issues
* best public support for p2p production

you get the idea.

I have discussed that with Peter Weibel and I think the ZKM in Karlsruhe
could be an interesting partner to do this. But there might be MANY other
options because this is exactly what corporations and public
administration seek: visibility, public image....

Of couse the jury should be composed from people nominated by Oekonux and
the p2p Foundation....

all the best


Contact: projekt

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