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Re: [ox-en] Marginalism - the religion

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On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 3:32 PM, Diego Saravia <diego.saravia>wrote:

That's not "socialized" per se. That's the forces of artificial scarcity
work. You bid for keywords!!! how ridiculous is that! So now words are
scarce commodity? Thanks to Google.

we can put another domain doing that, would you like to join me? :)

You can put 2 billion new domains doing that and it won't change the fact
that Google has created an artificial scarcity by getting businesses to bid
for keywords to display their ads to consumers.

Why couldn't they just provide a directory of all service providers, ranked
by the people, like ???

Obviously, they're using their position as the leading search engine to
extract value from the online economy and use that to buy up startups that
threaten them as well as copy an co-opting new disruptive ideas, so that
they remain in control...

Any new search company coming in with better technology will be bought out
by Google and marginalized... like MS did to remain at in control for

People clicking on ads and business paying for keywords is NOT socializing
the cost but extracting value for Google at the expense of the entire online
economy, which would be in better place if people were to use open
directories with consumer ranked entries to reach merchants than search
engines and leave search engines for finding all others types of information
that could not fit in a directory.

In addition, I have long suspected that a good portion of Google's ad
revenue comes from botnets clicking (virtually) on spam pages loaded with
Google AdSense ads that are hosted anonymously by the botnets operators,
thus costing advertisers a lot of money in fake (bot) hits, and Google has
never presented any assurance (in terms of a technical discussion of how
they might prevent such a thing). Theoretically -and I suspect- practically
speaking, botnet operators can make money off of Google's advertisers and
Google is happy to share that revenue by directing clicks in randomized
fashion from millions of infected computers.

Socialized infrastructure means that costs are carried equally by

ok, lets use that definition, In fact I  was thinking in that meaning.

The state does not create energy out of thin air; it creates it from the
work of its people. So socialized means we all pay for necessary stuff in
basically equal amount.

only via state?

whe have here two internet company,  they charges almost the same and
gives the same service, so everyone pays an equal amount, that fits
your definition.

probably, more than necessary

but there are places in wich internet is provided by a cooperative.
perhaps we can speak of that service as "socialized" in a greater way.

Google is a blood sucking, manipulative and innovative capitalist. Please
don't confuse with a socially conscious company.


I never said that


but these conversation is very long away from "marginal" discussion

Diego Saravia
Contact: projekt


Marc Fawzi

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