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Re: [ox-en] Marginalism - the religion

You can put 2 billion new domains doing that and it won't change the fact
that Google has created an artificial scarcity by getting businesses to bid
for keywords to display their ads to consumers.

wikipedia also creates scarcity of words. There can only be one
article about a word/language

Obviously, they're using their position as the leading search engine to

yes, that is the point of google

People clicking on ads and business paying for keywords is NOT socializing
the cost but extracting value for Google at the expense of the entire online

what expense?

every one of us are extracting value from the network

 which would be in better place if people were to use open
directories with consumer ranked entries to reach merchants than search
engines and leave search engines for finding all others types of information
that could not fit in a directory.

I agree

In addition, I have long suspected that a good portion of Google's ad
revenue comes from botnets clicking (virtually) on spam pages loaded with
Google AdSense ads that are hosted anonymously by the botnets operators,
thus costing advertisers a lot of money in fake (bot) hits, and Google has
never presented any assurance (in terms of a technical discussion of how
they might prevent such a thing). Theoretically -and I suspect- practically
speaking, botnet operators can make money off of Google's advertisers and
Google is happy to share that revenue by directing clicks in randomized
fashion from millions of infected computers.


Diego Saravia
Contact: projekt

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