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Re: [ox-en] Difference between Physical and Information production

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And this is indeed the point I'm trying to make. What we see today is
that reproduction of information goods is cheap *because* we developed
machinery to make this reproduction cheap.

in the same sense that industrial revolution find vapor power
or second world war find petroleoum

internet is not attached to one product, but to society or era

its "social capital"

The *initial production* of information on the other hand is not very
much impacted by this reproduction machinery.

?? colaboration, p2p is exactly about that

wikipedia, free soft, etc all are produced by internet means

It still needs brains


My summary of this is: Means of production are needed for physical
products as well as for initial production of information goods as
well as for reproduction of information goods.

yes, but info goods production are greatly enhaced by internet

all p2p stuff is based on that.

so info goods are not economic goods

Sure they are.

why? drop out copyright, and .....

But they are hard to make scarce so it is hard to
include them in an economy based on scarcity (aka capitalism).

what definition of economic goods are you using?

As I said: I think there is an important difference between immaterial
and material. But as far as production is concerned the difference is

I do not agree

Diego Saravia

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