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Re: [ox-en] Apple trees (aka capitalism) are bad. What about barter exchange?

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 2:53 PM, Diego Saravia <diego.saravia> wrote:
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Given the productive capacity of today we already could have abundance
of many, many things.

do you have examples?

The 2008 US Farm Bill once again pays farmers to NOT grow for the
purpose of keeping prices above costs.

The exchange system prevents this and must do so
to continue it's operation.

That is true for *Capitalist* exchange - where profit as treated as a
reward for the current owners.

But exchange itself can be unmixed from the treatment of profit.

Profit cannot be handled 'correctly' unless we can stop using it to
pay investors.

We can stop paying investors with profit when we start paying them
with *product* instead.

But an investor would not be happy with a payment of product unless he
is also a future consumer investing for that purpose.

The purpose of production is product, not profit.

Trade and the treatment of profit are two different things.

Trade is not evil in itself, but appears to be because it is usually
associated with the Capitalistic mistreatment of profit that
concentrates wealth into the hands of the few even though it is the
payer (the consumer) who should receive that ownership.
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