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Re: [ox-en] Re: The nature of apple trees

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whats the difference between a slave and a worker? the latter has money as
an effective exchange tool available to selbstentfalt him/herself when (s)he
is not being forced to spend 40 hours per week to do a job thats necessary
for a society to function well.

what is the difference between a slaver and a capitalist?, the latter has a
rent from his/her capital and he/she is free

I think you need arround U$S 5 millions to live without work, and arround
U$S10 to be capable of reproduce your family in that conditions

so  only people with more than U$S 10 are free in our society

if you have less  you can work with your capital and not suffer
exploitation, probably form U$S300.000

Diego Saravia

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