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Re: [ox-en] extrinsic motivation = coercion (was: The nature of apple trees)

Yes, that is goal: replacement of extrinsic with intrinsic motivation

I think this idea, that people do not need "to work"* for live is
unrelated to money.

* understanding work as something you do not do because you directly
want, but because if you dont you die or pass hungry or you cant mate
or we do not grow as life, or something like that

money is only a mechanism for enhacing exchange, not a fundamental
fact about human nature

exchange is a natural consecuence of surpluss, and all that is part of
productivity and application of capital and organization to work, with
the objetive of producing more for the same reassons than people work.

grow, work, etc are geneticaly determined. if we dont work, we dont
grow, if we do not grow others will use our resources for growing and
we will extinguish*.

so, is someone do not like to work in the sense i am speaking probably
he/she will do not reproduce.

perhaps, as someone noted here,  we could change that behaviour
culturally or we could evolve as animal species to another, perhaps
"homo p2p"

but the central point here is that money is another kind of animal
than motivation for work

Diego Saravia
Contact: projekt

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