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Re: [ox-en] Re: What prevents ampleness?

Hi Diego and all,

[Snip from your answer]

we always needed to work , in the beginning whe almost dont exchange, we
distribute ammong families or small groups, what we gather or hunt,
sometimes we use other kind of exchange as gift system in especial events,
in special occasions, in special places, that places with time evolved to
markets and humankind grow because of that

I wanted to react about the need to work. Watching this link
where you will see that in a adult ant colony basically half of the
colony is just sitting around waiting,
comforted me in the idea that we cannot just have everybody working.
Specially because we keep in doing more with less
(our productivity just keep on increasing). I think at one point
people will realize that we will have human beings that we should
pay (if we keep on using money right ;-) for doing nothing (acting as
a reserve if needed ?)....
Robots were supposed to work for us while we would be sitting under
the sun sipping a nice cocktail...
the first part of the sentence is happening, while we have been forced
to accept low paid jobs that robots are not good at or
jobs that makes robots and other processes more and more effective.
Isn't it again a problem of greed ?

  Amine Chadly
Contact: projekt

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