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Re: Profit and Value, was: Re(2): [ox-en] extrinsic motivation = coercion

Smari Writes

Profit != benefit. All work and produce thereof is, we can imagine, in
some way beneficial. However, profit comes only when the value of the
product is higher than the cost of production. If I try to profit from
you, I am trying to get from you more than what I am offering is worth.

But how do I know what what I am offering is worth? It can only be decided
by the process of exchange, by the totally coincidental verdict that the
buyer issues on my offering. He does that by comparing my offerings to
similar offerings. Its not guaranteed that my offering finds a buyer.
therefore I must be assured that my offerings enable me to survive the
rainy days. It is important to have money in my pocket, the more, the
better. So I start producing with the surplus of money in my mind. I need
to make a profit.

Value = the dominance of dead labour = profit by equivalent exchange

Otherwise, if you are not just the buyer, but the person with whom I have
agreed to produce, we had to set an agreement first. We could decide that
we will keep a track record of each others contributions, but not for
primarily looking at the past work accumulated in our products. We could
very well look at the future energy our mutual support would create. I
enable you to do things better with what I do for you. I know it could
come back to me via a third person through the cycles of support, and I
would stop to think about monetary profit and value at all because I
understood that true profit in the long run is determined by efficiency
and cooperation. Of course I would stop that relation if my contribution
is not valued and not efficient in making you grow.

Contribution = the dominance of living effort = profit by maximising each
others efficiency.


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