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Re: [ox-en] Necessary growth (was: Re: Explanation of interest)

saying it again doesn't make it right, Diego.

perhaps you are making another point?

that all money is used to purchase material economy good?

Franz seems to be pointing at that.

I don't actually agree, but my disagreement is more in semantics than
anything else.


On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Diego Saravia <diego.saravia> wrote:
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2009/5/9 Alex Rollin <alex.rollin>


really now!

if we have an "exchange economy" and we have infinite inmaterial
with and artificial price, this products will cause an increasing
on material products consumtions.

After being such a stickler for detail you are making a real statement
hear wrapping price up into this discussion and saying that it's
pre-determined that material product consumption will increase.

Your logic assumes that the price of the immaterial is transferred to
pay for the material.

This is not only a poor assumption now with our current economy but it
will likely be an even more unreliable one later on.


we have now new riches, like bill gates, who can expend 60000 US millions
that do not "exists"
in the sense of material goods, they were created of nothging: "bytes"

all that money now tries to buy existent goods.

surely all that money will increase pressure to distribution of real goods.

every time someone upgrade or reinstall windows/office legaly, bill gates
demands more  goods

Diego Saravia

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