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Re: Fwd: [ox-en] Talk on "Social economy or peer production? - On the relationship of

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Hi Stefan, hi all

Thank you Franz, for your approach to defining social economy, social
businesses and solidarity economy.

Actually, as far as I got to know, in France no clear and/or unambigous
distinction between social and solidarity economy has been drawn.

Personally, I also think, that social economy has only a very limited potential
since most of the time, people understand former state-apparatuses in the
field of social welfare - no privatized (being non-profit or profit) - as "social

Social businesses are of course a neoliberal approach - however, I guess one
can cooperate with some of them in a limited way.

Solidarity economy on the other hand is of course the most promising
approach of all I know. However, I think, that it's potentials only come really
true, if it starts to produce commons.

A wonderful example of such a combination (of many other possible ones) is
Open Source Ecology (which you, Stefan, will know):

regards, Andreas

Hi Stefan,

I forward your letter to Andreas Exner and others heavily involved in
the Solidarity Economy.

We founded a group SOLCOM - Solidarity and the Commons - to deal with
exactly that subject.

You give a lot of definitions on your wiki,

so we should read and
comment that, and hopefully support you in the endavour to bring
the role of the commons and peer production into the field.

There are three principal concepts that play a role in this field.
These concepts are complementing and competing at the same time:

SOCIAL ECONOMY:  This refers to everything that adresses poverty and
raises opportunity, many times its the term for the activities of NGOs
performing activities of the social state and act as employers and
service providers. Thats very much within the "state quota" of
indirectly financed activities.

SOCIAL BUSINESS: In sharp distinction this is the answer of the
private sector, small or medium sized or large enterprises that try to
address issues of poverty or meeting needs on a profit based base,
with the caveat that most or all of the profit gets reinvested in the
companies. Grameen Mohammed Yunus is now pushing that concept

SOLIDARITY ECONOMY  This is the only transformative concept, it aims
to establish productive and supportive activities between actors,
especially in a region, that empower and enable as many players as
possible to take over functions in an economic network of relations
which could be monetary or nonmonetary.

You should know that the people above are involved in the creation of
free software tools to map solidarity economy - and these are just
some of them.


----- Original Message -----

Hi list!

I'm invited to the `10th RMLL`_ which is going to happen in Nantes.
This is a five day conference which - AFAICS - takes place `every
year`_ in a city in France. I know too little French to say much about
this conference but it seems to be a - may be: the - big Free Software
conference in France.

The organizers invited me for the track `Économie Sociale et
Solidaire`_ :-) . I'll do a talk on `Social economy or peer
production? - On the relationship of social economy and peer
production`_. In fact a topic which is nearly as old as Oekonux.

For me this is a welcome reason to think more thoroughly about this
important topic. I started doing some research on the topic -
especially to clarify the notions of "social economy" and "solidarity
economy". I started some slides_ already. So far only the headers are
present, though.

In any case I more than welcome thoughts and ideas from all of you on
this topic.

.. _10th RMLL:

.. _every year:

.. _Économie Sociale et Solidaire:

.. _Social economy or peer production? - On the relationship of social
economy and peer production:

.. _slides:


Contact: projekt

Andreas Exner,
Parteiunabhängiger AK-Rat
Grüne/UG Kärnten

Social Innovation Network - SINET

Redakteur Streifzüge

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Contact: projekt

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