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Re: [ox-en] Re: Nationalism, protectionism and Free software advocacy, was: Re: [ox-en] Manifiesto para Lula (fwd)


On Sat 25-Jan-2003 at 07:38:39PM -0500, Graham Seaman wrote:

Could you say more about why you feel it's a bad thing?

I don't think that nationalism is ever progressive, I don't think
that there is such a thing as 'good nationalism'. I feel exactly the
same way about religion. These are things that are endlessly
exploited by those in power in order to divide and rule.

How would you react to an argument that Linux should be adopted in
Latin America because it's a more Catholic OS than Windows which is
a Protestant OS?! Wouldn't you say this is a mad argument and that
Linux (and Windows) has no inherent religion or would this be an
acceptable bandwagon to jump on? (not that I think that you would,
just trying to make a point :-)

It might appear to make the Linux vs Windows argument easier to win
-- pandering to nationalism -- but this is not something I'd do or
could support -- political concessions to nationalism are not IMHO a
good idea, _ever_. 

Thankfully the internationalist nature of the free software movement
appears to be a lot stronger that the nationalist spin that is being
used to advocate it's adoption by nation states.



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