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[ox-en] Re: (Non-)rivalrous, public/private goods/products

Hi Graham and list!

2 weeks (20 days) ago Graham Seaman wrote:
Hmmm. that was a very long reply to only one sentence of yours ;-)

So I'll make a very short reply :-) .

But the question of the relationship of the idea of the gpl-society
to the political approach of classical marxism is something that hasn't
been directly discussed on the english list - I'd be curious to know what
people think. Even if it's only 'that's absurd' ;-)

I for one think you are perfectly right :-) . To me it sounds as if
you are saying that there can be germ forms which develop in the old
society. Of course I fully support this perspective.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



Thread: oxenT00764 Message: 46/90 L23 [In index]
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