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Value, was: Re: [ox-en] The Hipatia Manifesto


I'm a bit confused here...

On Mon 25-Aug-2003 at 09:50:08AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Paul Cockshott

If a Linux package is distributed to 30 million machines
the value of each active copy is 1/30,000,000 of( the
labour time of the developers + the time taken to
maintian the copying system - computers, CD copies etc
)+ the time taken to install it on an average machine.

Your use of value here is the same as the amount of labour
time used to produce, reproduce and maintain it? From you
prespective does labout time = value?

What about use value and exchange value? It appears to me
that free software has next to no exchange value yet
almost infinite use value.




Thread: oxenT01106 Message: 13/16 L5 [In index]
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