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Re: [ox-en] inside wsis

On 16 Dec 2003 at 16:39, pietro wrote:

"Threshold countries" like Brazil have a large number of
well-educated urban intellectuals excluded from power, pretty much
like Russia before 1918. When they come to power they tend to ally
with emerging production methods in order to fight the established
power structures, which are based on 'older' modes of production. So
that is what his excellency the ambassador does, as a representant
of the Lula government which has an awesome lot of fighting to do
with domestic (mostly agrarian based) and international (mostly
industrial) power structures.

i'm sorry but you got it all wrong. what lula government is doing is
not fighting any power sctructure. he is just trying trying to lower
our economyc crisis and do some "social programs" like the one to end
starvation in brasil. the fact that people inside his party defend
free software and that uses free software a lot has nothing to do with
fighting power structures.

Governments supporting free software are as common in the west as
they are anywhere else - Britain, Germany and Israel all are moving
over to free software. Most of the countries in Asia are too. I don't
think Brazil is any different for this.

However, Lula is not popular with the US. Nor is Chavez, nor the new
Bolivian government which the Americans recently hinted might be
added to the list of terrorist countries because they want to stop
forced coca eradication never mind that gas pipeline they were
building before the change of government.

In this, all those countries currently have governments who realise
that the American way is what is keeping them in the third world.
Obviously the Americans as usual are spreading their lies, poison and
blackmail to install more favourable regimes. However, so long as
Bush stays in the white house, he's too good at unifying all these
people so it won't happen.

Who knows, maybe Bush will finally bring around the post-capitalist
era though being such a good example of what's wrong with the old
system! :)



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