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Re: [ox-en] inside wsis

Thomas Berker said:
Hi Graham, hi list,

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 19:13, Graham Seaman wrote:
Is His Excellency Ambassador Samuel Pinheiro Guimaraes a revolutionary?
Reformist? Bandwagon jumper?
Alternatively, why is the role of free software in developing countries
not part of oekonux theories, which concentrate entirely on the

"Threshold countries" like Brazil have a large number of well-educated
urban intellectuals excluded from power, pretty much like Russia before
1918. When they come to power they tend to ally with emerging production
methods in order to fight the established power structures, which are
based on 'older' modes of production. So that is what his excellency the
ambassador does, as a representant of the Lula government which has an
awesome lot of fighting to do with domestic (mostly agrarian based) and
international (mostly industrial) power structures.

i'm sorry but you got it all wrong. what lula government is doing is not
fighting any power sctructure. he is just trying trying to lower our
economyc crisis and do some "social programs" like the one to end
starvation in brasil. the fact that people inside his party defend free
software and that uses free software a lot has nothing to do with fighting
power structures.



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