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Re: [ox-en] OFF-TOPIC Nazi in Debian Alert

On Sun, Jan 25, 2004 at 02:23:59AM -0000, Niall Douglas wrote:
This is getting very off-topic.


And what if their state tells them to fear and loathe Country X
which is "supporting terrorism" and "building weapons of mass
destruction" (without any evidence of course)?

Then they're like "Bomb the fucking towelheads, they're not human

So tell me please, what is the difference really? Racists "aren't
interventionist" until the state fools them very easily into being
such? (Which, again, I have to repeat, is a very weird slant on racial
separatism, to describe it as non-interventionist.)

You appear to be implying that the majority of the US population are 
racists. I take offense at that and I hope you apologise.

Um, firstly, where did I mention the US here? The US was not the only
country trying to tell its population that Iraq was supporting

What I was trying to say was that racial hatred isn't exactly a
recipe for leaving other countries alone - quite the reverse - if someone
is already racist towards a country they are likely to more easily
support bombing it because they won't care about the people of the
"inferior race" getting killed - in fact they might well relish it.
So racism - as if it wasn't bad enough already! - slides quite easily
into the most blatant and thuggish kind of imperialism.

I was not trying to say what you thought I was saying. You have
it backwards. Many A are B does not imply many B are A.

If you read what I said carefully, yours is not a plausible reading.
We were talking about racists. I asked what happens when the state
insinuates to them that e.g. the Iraqis are trying to kill them.
Answer: many of them will support war because they already hated
Iraqis and now they hate them more. In other words, racism will
become more overt, and will spread. They won't say, "no, lets leave
them alone if they leave us alone" as you implied, because
Bush's complete lack of evidence has convinced many of them that
the Iraqis are a threat.

There are maybe not a majority of racists in the US, but there are
a pretty high minority at least. And in the e-age you don't have to
go far to find out, empirically, what they think. Find some
republicans who openly declare themselves racist, and ask what they
think about the Iraq war.

You really are stretching it if you are claiming that the Bush 
administration is either a racist or supremacist one!

That's not what I was claiming. I was using your own words to show
that Bush is beginning to lay the grounds for fascism in the US.


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