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Re: [ox-en] Making the text on the Wiki Public Domain, was: Re: [pox] Zur Lizenzenfrage

Maybe I can ask this question:

what does the list understand as public domain?

or which public?

is there only one public with a common interest?

if so what is that common interest?

I feel (this is rough at the edges) that "public domain" is part and parcel of 
the world of private interest and maybe we should think beyong both of 
them... it just feels a bit "totalising" to talk of a "public domain"...

but I am happy to be convinced otherwise

*Can you remember Seth's argument with respect to how the GPL would work
to unite the clans if push at court 14/12/03 17:40:


The GPL is basically a stand-in for disciplined apparatus.  Freedom flows
out of the confrontation it presents.  It is pretty cool.  Few things are
so cool.  Try not to mess it up, though, okay?  :-)

I am not sure I have ever understood Seth's views on the GPL.
Enlighten me...

Like Graeme doesn't want to run anything (neither do I) I don't want a 
stand-in discipline apparatus ...


"Mind you, I am not asking you to bear witness to what you believe false, 
which would be a sin, but to testify falsely to what you believe true - which 
is a virtuous act because it compensates for lack of proof of something 
that certainly exists or happened." Bishop Otto to Baudolino in Umberto Eco's 


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