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Re: [ox-en] Making the text on the Wiki Public Domain, was: Re: [pox] Zur Lizenzenfrage

Hi Martin, Adam,

On Tuesday 10 February 2004 12:01, Martin Hardie wrote:
I am more than happy with this, I think avoiding anay
reference to copyright and its concepts (like public domain)
is probably the best way to go ....

Not mentioning copyright at all is equivalent to an "all rights 
reserved" statement. At some point, people might start using the 
wiki, whom we do not even know. And I don't want them to add 
stuff with all rights reserved to them.

On Monday 09 February 2004 23:27, Adam Moran wrote:
may be we should just not mention copyright at all
and just have the first FAQ read:

Q. Can I use the content of this wiki as my own ... to copy,
distribute etc ?

A. Hey tonto ! that's why we built the site ! Come back when
you need some more.

This would be some kind of a non-copyleft free license. The 
problem I see is that the contributors would have to grant these 
rights, not the wikimaster.

Thomas }:o{#
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