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Re: Debian / ox-en And [ox-en] Jonathan

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 02:56:25AM -0000, Niall Douglas wrote:
the Ivan Illich are copyright and I don't think should legally be on his site

I was given approval to host Illich's books by his protege, Paul Knatz.
Current ownership of the copyrights is in the air, since Ivan Illich
died recently.

If I could find someone to introduce me to her, I'd like to put Germaine
Greer's "Sex and Destiny" on my site too.


Address: 13685 Hilton Road, Surrey, BC V3R5J8 (Canada)
Contact: 604-951-4142 (between 7am and 10pm, PST)

Thread: oxenT02222 Message: 20/31 L14 [In index]
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