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[ox-en] Re: Do not fork


If you need to do that: ok. However, if the purpose of oekonux project is shared, it does not make sense in my eyes. What to me makes sense is defending the project. Yes, by YOU.

I am not of the mind to fork ... but it seems implicit n some people's position at the moment that they are not happy. I agree that a project should be defended but it is also clear that maybe its not clear what the project is. The hidden nature of the wiki does not assist in that...

On the other hand I find the no fork positon philosophically a little anti "freedom". I think it is best for debates : about whether people should leave, be kicked, fork or not to fork; to OCCUR HERE - not in some caucus.

I am aware of other discussions and my purpose was to bring it back here. ....


"the riddle which man must solve, he can only solve in being, in being what he is and not something else...."

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Thread: oxenT02346 Message: 3/6 L2 [In index]
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