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Re: [ox-en] dejavu

yeh i could set up a filter but i am on my wifes windows laptop as lighning seems to have fried my net card. Now I got a new one but it cant seem to get the ip settings of my isp...... and here it is hard to ask a friend to drop by and help you fix it. They say sure I will be there and you wait and wait and wait

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 02:57:33PM +0100, z3118338 wrote:
I thought this guy said he was going.....I thought he was asked to
leave ..... or is this his one more note?????

Contact me off-list and I can teach you how to block email from people
you don't want to read.

If there's a lesson we can learn from spam is that responded to spam
on mailing list is that blocking mail you don't want is easy enough
but blocking RESPONSES to mail to you don't want is basically


"the riddle which man must solve, he can only solve in being, in being what he is and not something else...."

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Thread: oxenT02232 Message: 41/51 L14 [In index]
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