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Re: [ox-en] Peer-to-peer Electricity and p2p theory


6 days ago martin hardie wrote:
the problem with oekenux theory is that you are not allowed to talk
about the  system-confirming aspects of P2P production.

Actually the contrary is true. For instance please check

or better

The germ form idea being probably one of the central Oekonux ideas
says that the germ form needs to be embedded in the old. As such it is
a simple necessity for the germ form that it has system-confirming
aspects - otherwise it could not be embedded.

In fact some critics of Oekonux theory argue that if there are
system-confirming aspects in something it can not be
system-transcending at the same time. These critics are probably
looking for something in outer space to transcend the system on earth.

You can read even this:

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