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[ox-en] FreeModes, was Re:Peer-to-peer Electricity and p2p theory

Michel Bauwens on Montag, 26. September 2005 at 7:16 Uhr [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] wrote:
I am in broad agreement with the GPL Society thesis,
the only difference being that I see free software as
a subset of peer production, but perhaps this list
thinks that as well?

Hi Michael, Magius, All,

glad about your words.

One of the ideas I would like to promote is that the Oekonux community
creates an offspring working on a survey on what I called the "Free
Modes", starting empirically by collecting examples and even looking to be

Karels mail fired my imagination on that. He is not only serious, but also
aware of the immense complexity of the issue and at the same time of the
manifold attempts to break through the barrier.

Stefan Merten has started such a collection, at the Oekonux Conference
2004 we brought it a little bit further (unfortunately only in German) and
I now have provided place in the wiki to document more. But it seems we
have little capacity left here to do the job, so I use this as an
opportunity to send out a call for help or even maintainership for such an

Instead of saying "what is a subset of what" we should simply collect
things and compare them; I know this is not VERY theoretical but we are
simply at the beginning of the work.

you can see my sketch at

--FreeModes group

I would be more than glad if something of this research kind existed, but
I do not know of anything. But it requires more than casual discussion,
its a goal-setting within Oekonux as community. I think it is a common
goal which is more liberating than constrainting, but still this would
require communication, organisation and real work. I would be very glad if
we could find an interested group here and then seek to expand it.


Contact: projekt

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