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Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?

On 2005/10/4, Stefan Merten <smerten>:

IMHO human history is a struggle for reducing pain in production by
inventing technology. Today we are in a situation where using this
technology to be productive means pleasure to many people - if only
allowed to produce under non-alienated conditions. Shouldn't we strive
for a world where pain is reduced to zero and thus reciprocity is made
superfluous? And - and this is the good news - is this option not more
likely today than any time before in human history?

Abolishing reciprocity FOR ALL will be possible when it will be
possible, as you say, to produce in non-alienated (in marxian sense)
conditions. Perhaps is needed to have capitalism abolished before ;-)
If we think that a social r-evolution has to be prepared, we need IMHO
to build transition. My specific kind of alternative currency is
intended by me as tool of transition, from a reciprocity-based society
to a non-reciprocity-based society..

Contact: projekt

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