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Re: Alternative exchange systems furthering GPL society? (was: Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?)

2005/10/24, Stefan Merten <smerten>:

But what about services which need more means of productions? As long
as you are operating in an exchange based mode: What can prevent
things into turning into the classical capitalist mode with
capitalists and workers *and* at the same time be more successful than
this capitalist mode? Actually I think this is not possible and that
is why I still think:

In our model (FAZ), is possible to have "masters without slaves"
through free credit for all (not so different from Proudhon's
"People's Bank") issued in a currency that continuely looses value
(demurrage) and so is not possible to accumulate the currency,
"privatizing" it. Facilitating exchange instead of store of value,
imho, is possible to redisign money as a public tool. In this currency
is also given a basic income to all, so to have a basic redistribution
(without gnerating inflation) of wealth produced by a community.Sure
is not as a revolutionary system as is freesoftware one, but could
work to make transition.

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