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[ox-en] Re: Alternative exchange systems furthering GPL society?

Hi Magius and all!

2 weeks (14 days) ago magius wrote:
In our model (FAZ), is possible to have "masters without slaves"
through free credit for all (not so different from Proudhon's
"People's Bank") issued in a currency that continuely looses value
(demurrage) and so is not possible to accumulate the currency,
"privatizing" it. Facilitating exchange instead of store of value,
imho, is possible to redisign money as a public tool.

You silentily assume that you can separate these functions of money. I
assume that these functions are closely interwoven and thus can not be
separated without making the whole thing useless.

For instance in an exchange based system it is absolutely necessary to
accumulate frozen work / value / means of exchange to be able to start
bigger endeavors like building a bridge or some big production plant.
If you can not accumulate exchange value then you can simply not do
this because you have nothing to exchange with those working at the

As always I'd say: There are reasons why things are as they are. Real
things are not ideological constructs which fell from heaven (and thus
can not be discussed away easily). There are always reasons and as far
as money / exchange systems are concerned IMHO most of these reasons
are absolutely fundamental to the whole exchange system and can not be
overcome by changing some surface.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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