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Re: [ox-en] A 'Sharing' project

2006/10/25, Stefan Merten <smerten>:

Hi Magius, David, all!

Last week (11 days ago) magius wrote:
> The origiinal project was abandoned and actually the most active
> website is only the italian fork, but DLP basicly is a tool to
> "create" instant local proximity-based and affinity-based communities
> and if someone is interesed to further development the code (that was
> released under GPL) could be used also to share other goods than books
> and dvds. If you're a coder, you're welcomed.

Software sounds like being really useful for that purpose.

Imho is using the georeferenciation script (in perl) is possible to
extend the process outside books and dvs. But unfortunately I'm not a

Does this project really work? I.e. do things actually flow between

Yes. And also not locally. People that are in another city put books
on an envelope and send them by postal service.
Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT03541 Message: 4/10 L3 [In index]
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