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Re: [ox-en] Re: Oekonux workshop at KLab9

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If you are interested , you are also invited to come to the Detmold
Collective , in Germany , in July :

where we will , in a informal environment , discuss such topics too.

You are also invited to propose other intentions and initiatives and , if
agreed upon ,  organize yourself with others to use the space the detmold
collective can offer.

Synnove , one of the organizers of Klab 9 , is planning to come to the
Detmold Collective .
( she might come  at the end of the collective )



On 4/8/07, Gregers Petersen <gp.ioa> wrote:

Stefan Merten wrote:

> Very fine. I'm ready to take the initiative and I'm also ready to keep
> in touch with the organizers.
> As far as the topic of the workshop is concerned I'd relate to the
> CfP:
>   This knowledge lab will address art and ways of critically thinking
>   our world. Within this broad region of enquiry, the lab will encompass
>   notions of life and art as a political commitment, the influence art
>   exert in politics and how political ideas in turn influence art. It
>   also address new ways of making art and how this relates to
technologies and
>   social changes, and the use of art as an anti-capitalist means to
change and
>   fight the system.
> I could imagine that a workshop which explores the options art has in
> a political process under an Oekonux perspective would make much
> sense.

> For this I'd think it would make sense to have two parts: In the first
> part we explain some central Oekonux ideas. I think this is necessary
> because only then we can assume some common understanding among the
> participants. In a second part we then discuss how these ideas can
> relate to art.

This could include the position of the "author" which could be a very
good angle (this is important in the art world)??


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