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Re: [ox-en] Re: Oekonux workshop at KLab9

Hi Gregers, Raoul and all!

4 days ago Gregers Petersen wrote:
Stefan Merten wrote:
I could imagine that a workshop which explores the options art has in
a political process under an Oekonux perspective would make much

For this I'd think it would make sense to have two parts: In the first
part we explain some central Oekonux ideas. I think this is necessary
because only then we can assume some common understanding among the

I re-checked the CfP and saw that in the morning there are talks
planned. May be it's best to do such an explanation as a talk and then
do a workshop based on this talk in the afternoon.

In a second part we then discuss how these ideas can
relate to art.

This could include the position of the "author" which could be a very
good angle (this is important in the art world)??

Nice idea. Indeed in Free Software - or other Free Information
Projects - we have authors as well. There is a commonality which could
be interesting to explore.

Also I'd think the copyright / licenses topic could be interesting
because this is also something which all information goods have in

A third point could be the creative nature of writing Free Software.
In Oekonux this would probably be subsumed under Selbstentfaltung.

I think these could be three interesting aspects to focus on. Other

Ahm - the Free Art in Brazil and other South American countries could
also be an interesting topic. However, I don't feel like being expert
enough on this special topic to talk about it :-/ .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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