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Re: [ox-en] Fwd: Oekonux comments on Copyfarleft.

Stefan Meretz wrote:
Hi all,

the translation of my copyfarleft-critique is finished. Please follow

Improvements concerning language are heavily welcome.

Comments or reprints or linkings as well.

Detailed comments by paragraph can be given here:

Sorry, I can't remember how to add comments on opentheory (or maybe
recent versions of firefox do not display the comment option?). Even
when I log in I see no comments option.

Anyhow, a comment on language rather than contents:

Arbeit/arbeitskraft are normally translated as labour/labour-power.
The phrase 'work force' or 'labour force' means "all the individuals
employed by a particular enterprise", it never means arbeitskraft.
If you really prefer not to use 'labour power' because it is too
technical (ie. only used by marxists) then 'ability to work'
(arbeitsvermogen) would be a possibility.

'Arbeit' can be translated as 'work' rather than 'labour' if you wish,
but there is a traditional distinction based on the footnote by Engels
to Capital Ch. 1 (English translation,

"The English language has the advantage of possessing different words
for the two aspects of labour here considered. The labour which creates
use value, and counts qualitatively, is Work, as distinguished from
Labour; that which creates Value and counts quantitatively, is Labour as
distinguished from Work"



On 2007-12-29 19:15, Stefan Meretz wrote:
Dmytri wrote me this response.

The translation of my long text Dmytri mentioned (critique of
Copyfarleft) is on the way.


----------  Weitergeleitete Nachricht  ----------

Betreff: Oekonux comments on Copyfarleft.
Datum: 2007-12-28
Von: Dmytri Kleiner <dk>
An: stefan.meretz, josx



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