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Correct English terms (was: Re: [ox-en] Fwd: Oekonux comments on Copyfarleft.)

Hi Graham!

Last week (10 days ago) graham wrote:
Anyhow, a comment on language rather than contents:

Arbeit/arbeitskraft are normally translated as labour/labour-power.
The phrase 'work force' or 'labour force' means "all the individuals
employed by a particular enterprise", it never means arbeitskraft.
If you really prefer not to use 'labour power' because it is too
technical (ie. only used by marxists) then 'ability to work'
(arbeitsvermogen) would be a possibility.

Thanks a lot for these corrections from me, too. I did it also wrong
for a couple of years then...

Since these are rather technical terms with a very specific meaning it
is often hard for me to find the right translations. Which is a pity
because I *know* there must be an exact translation because they are
technical terms.

Is there some German/English dictionary for those terms?



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Thread: oxenT04102 Message: 5/7 L3 [In index]
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