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Re: [ox-en] Difference between Physical and Information production

hello Michel,

perhaps if the open hardware movement takes route, and starts re-envisioning not just what we make, but also how we make it, there might be a return to
craftsmanship ...

a lot of repetitive tasks are linked to the current industrial model, and
there's evidence that peopled liked to work on crafts and gardening in the

funny that u mention craftmanship as im doing that those days. right now it looks quite promising from an economic point of view, but im doubtful that this is a solution for many others. its just not cost efficient to produce systematically.

this of course offers no short term solution,

also, there are boring tasks in software/design/knowledge also, and I
understand that successful projects 'force' their contributors to do a
minimal amount of tedious tasks to have their 'patches' accepted,

personally, i dont have a problem if there is some sensible, light weight pressure to do necessary things which help the overall project. but to me it seems that the relation of tedious vs. non-tedious tasks is by far higher in the case of industrial (re)production and distribution (carrying furniture aint that much fun) compared to the (re)production and distribution of information goods. if this indeed correct, one can increase the pressure to do tedious jobs. but that doesnt sound too good...
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Thread: oxenT05358 Message: 6/18 L5 [In index]
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