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Re: Profit and Value, was: Re(2): [ox-en] extrinsic motivation = coercion

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if you have a true demand-supply equilibrium for a given category/type of
good service

is there any way to not have that?

what is "true" for you

(i.e. where anyone who wants to get any quantity of
any good/service can do so at the [median] cost of that good/service),

the price of a good in a competitive market is a result of demand and supply

if the price is not infinitum or cero you will have this kind of equilibrium

if you add a fixed margin of profit you can then use that to invest in
new goods/services that you wouldn't otherwise think of investing in

you don't need to add anything, you will have a profit (or not) as a
consecuense of your dynamics, costs, etc. (if you are an individual firm)

Diego Saravia

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Thread: oxenT05584 Message: 52/70 L12 [In index]
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