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Re: [ox-en] Peer production manifesto?

Hi StefanMn and all,

On 2009-05-24 21:23, Stefan Merten wrote:
I find Michel's text below interesting - though it needs perhaps a
lot of improvement.

I am not sure if the flaws can be fixed by "improving". Some parts are 
really good using a nice language, some are acceptable, but some are 
blatantly wrong. I only name them in a short list while knowing at the 
same time, that there is no way to correct them in the next time:
- the idea of divorcing markets from capitalism
- approach of using reformed money
- convergence between individual and collective interests by politics
- partner-state model

Not completely wrong, but problematic and misleading:
- markets as means of managing scarce resources
- assumption of a steady-state economy
- reciprocity and neutrality in exchange (which already exists)
- producing as creation of "value" (instead of utility)

And some more tiny bugs.

He formulated it for the P2P Research Group. The
text gave me the idea to try something like a peer production
manifesto [1]_. What do you think?

I think this could only lead to some result on the road of consensus, 
not by simply expressing the market-affirmative views. A manifesto must 
contain a far reaching vision, not only a simple picture of what we 
already have.


Start here:
Contact: projekt

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