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Re: [ox-en] Peer production manifesto?

Hi Stefans and all,

Stefan Meretz wrote:
Hi StefanMn and all,
I find Michel's text below interesting - though it needs perhaps a
lot of improvement.

I am not sure if the flaws can be fixed by "improving". Some parts are 
really good using a nice language, some are acceptable, but some are 
blatantly wrong. I only name them in a short list while knowing at the 

I basically agree with StefanMz here--the philosophical and theoretical
differences are just too large. I'm doubtful if there is a sound basis to
even reach agreement, but in any case it would probably make more sense
to start a new text (if somebody wants do to so) rather than trying to
"rewrite" Michel's text (which can, of course, be a basis for inspiration).

Best regards

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