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Re: [ox-en] Peer production manifesto?

Hi StefanMn, Christian, all!

May be it was wrong to present the idea by referencing to Michel's
text. What I originally wanted to know is whether you all consider a
peer production manifesto a useful thing.

BTW: Here is definition for manifesto:

  A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions,
  often political in nature, but may also be life stance related.
  However, manifestos relating to religious belief are rather referred
  to as credo.


Last week (9 days ago) Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2009-05-24 21:23, Stefan Merten wrote:
I find Michel's text below interesting - though it needs perhaps a
lot of improvement.

I am not sure if the flaws can be fixed by "improving".

By "a lot of improvement" I meant cutting out whole sections ;-) .

I think this could only lead to some result on the road of consensus, 
not by simply expressing the market-affirmative views.

Yes. What we can do in [ox] is to create a draft and see who is there
to build upon this draft.

A manifesto must 
contain a far reaching vision, not only a simple picture of what we 
already have.

May be we are not yet in the state for such a beast...

Last week (7 days ago) Christian Siefkes wrote:
I basically agree with StefanMz here--the philosophical and theoretical
differences are just too large. I'm doubtful if there is a sound basis to
even reach agreement, but in any case it would probably make more sense
to start a new text (if somebody wants do to so) rather than trying to
"rewrite" Michel's text (which can, of course, be a basis for inspiration).


I now recorded_ the idea so it is not lost.

.. _recorded:


Contact: projekt

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