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Re: [ox-en] Re: Scarcity and limitedness - again

Stefan Merten wrote:
The only antidote in capitalism is competition.

Can you show me any capitalist (aka producing
for abstract exchange) who would not be glad
if all competitors would simply go away?
Well, at least history is full of attempts to close
markets and shut off competitors...

Yes, this is a terrible situation where famine is constructed because
Profit requires a certain amount of Poverty.

Perfect competition is accomplished when every Consumer has sufficient
ownership in the Means of Production - for that owner then receives
the outputs "at cost".

This is one reason why we try to do everything in solitary confinement
instead of using the system to accomplish our goals.  I have to try to
be my own mechanic, my own plumber, my own farmer etc. because it
allows me to avoid the form of usury called Profit.

Another reason people avoid trading skills is because our tax systems
punish us on both ends both as "income tax" and then as "sales tax".
The state wants to minimize trade amongst ourselves because it is a
puppet of the corporations, and the corporations want it minimized
because it causes us to be further dependent upon them - which is the
source of even more Profit.

For a peer production based society there is no
"artificial scarcity" because with no more profit
to seek there is no more basis for this.

A peer-production based society can be implemented as a "User Owned"
corporation under these two qualifications:

1.) The Initial investors must be Consumers of that product so their
return is Product instead of Profit.

2.) The later Consumers must be treated as Investors when they pay
Profit so they also gain the Property needed to eventually stop paying
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