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Re: Production systems as a political process (was: Re: [ox-en] Commons in a taxonomy of goods)

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the chemical energy contained in it to other forms of energy. In
particular *this* use can be replaced by other forms of energy quite

mmm,  for doing so, you will need to send to trash every car in the planet.

It's all a question whether the societal system allows such a
step. In a way you are right: The *current* production system
obviously does *not* allow such a step.

ok, I agree

But this is not a law of
nature but a low of the societal system we are living in.

I agree

By putting
it as a law of nature you do the job of those who want to keep
capitalism up forever.

I do not say its a law of nature

socialism  is/was also consuming oil

The other way you are wrong is that you put the current production
system as your point of departure.

I live here and now.

At least in a post-capitalist
society the production system is a means to an end, however. It is the
means to satisfy societal needs. As the production system itself the
societal needs are also to some degree determined by the societal
system they arise in. At the very least you can say that the societal
needs today will be different from those of a post-capitalist societal
system. So it's wrong to simply project the present into the future.

I agree that is wrong to do so.

To summarize: In a post-capitalist world the needs will be different

and the production system will be subject to a political process.

you say that superstructure will control structure?

Off course we have a very unequal distribution system, that was
correctly described and explained by Marx.

If the distribution system would be the problem don't you think that
200 years of capitalism should have been enough to fix it?

capitalism is the problem,  distribution system is just part of capitalism

How long
are you ready to wait longer for this "fix"?

I do not want to wait a second.

No, the distribution
system isn't the problem. It's just an expression of the underlying

I agree



Diego Saravia

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