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Spacing (was: Re: [jox-tech] Re: Layout)

Hi Mathieu!

Yesterday Mathieu ONeil wrote:
I figured out how to tweak CSS based issues, now.

Um, I forgot what the issue was, sorry.

I'll repeat them in a separate mail.

3 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
Mimbo is looking good, two quick points:

My main concern is that the fonts are two small. I'll change that
soon so you don't need a microscope to read text.

I changed the font to be readable. I also sent a mail but I(!) am not
sure whether it made it to the list...

1 Width
ideally the text column should be less wide, to have some 
white space. Maybe a solution would be to have two (or three 
columns) but leave the left one completely empty? That would 
really help to give some breathing space; its a bit full now. 

This is a complicated issue. A Plone page is full of regions
internally which all have an (external) margin and an (internal)
padding. I need to know exactly *which* of these regions you 
want to
have changed. Unfortunately I have no quick idea on how to solve this
- though there are certainly some Firefox tools out there for such

Firebug is one of those tools. But it is probably to complicated for a
non-techie :-/ .

I think if we just have a column on the right for internal
navigation in "home"

You are really confusing me. Above you wanted a column on the left,
now you want a column on the right. May be you can make up your mind
in favor of one side?

(like on all pages except "home" at the moment)

The reports page has the same effect. There is nothing to display in
the right column - because there is no navigation to display - and
thus the column is completely left out.

I tried to install something non-empty but for some unknown reason was
not successful :-( .

that will automatically constrict the main column and make it less

So your main point is to have the main column narrower? On all pages
or only on those which have no right column?

If for all pages then this would be a CSS issue. If only for those
with the missing right column that needs to be solved differently.

I think it would be better to justify / align the text on the right
also, that would make it look neater.

Another example of a website quite similar to us, which has a column
on  the right (theirs is full of stuff whereas ours would be empty
except at  the top for the categories):
 The proportions they have seem to work well in my view.

Which proportions exactly? There are zillions of proportions!

May be the best would be that you create a screenshot and 
somehow mark
the region you want to have empty on this screenshot. For 
instance you
can draw a red box around the space you'd like to have empty.

See above

I'm sorry but I don't think this gets us any further. Please take a
screenshot and make corrections in the screenshot.



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