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[ox-en] Please stop damaging the project!


Hi list!

Ok, when I asked people to not start a flame war yesterday I wanted to
prevent what is happening at the moment. Unfortunately with not much
success :-( . As of now already two persons unsubscribed from the list
yesterday which from the top of my head is an unprecedented case. Also
from very short scans of the traffic I saw that some people on this
list already complained about too much off-topic mail - which IMO is
much better than unsubscribing. Actually I suspected something like
this would happen when Paul started these threads some months ago.
Sometimes I wish reality could be different from what I experienced
far too often now - sigh...

To say it clearly: It is for sure on-topic to discuss whether or not
Free Software projects include persons which have political opinions.
However, I guess everything useful has been said already.

But is is completely off-topic to witch-hunt people in the way it is
happening here. Stalinist show processes are also completely against
the spirit of Oekonux. They are an all too well-known expression of
some parts of the left. However, please remember Oekonux is *NOT* a
left project. It can be considered trans-left and Stalinist show
processes and witch hunting are among those things Oekonux left
behind. I strongly ask every witch hunter on this list and every
Stalinist judge to comply to this or otherwise leave the list.

Also I'd like to ask everyone here to not reply to the offenses in the
current threads. Everyone can see that they are offenses and I ask
everyone to show enough sovereignty to simply ignore the offenses.

Also I want to note that this mailing list is part of a bigger
project. As the maintainer of this bigger project I feel it as my
responsibility to prevent damage from the project. The current
situation *is* clearly damaging the project, however, so if it does
not regulate itself I feel the need to do something about it.

At the moment I think the best would be to suspend the list completely
for a few days. I think this is due tomorrow if things didn't calm
down until then. If anyone can come up with better ideas which also
can be expected to work feel free to post them to


which is the mailing list where the people are who care about the
organization of this project.

						Mit Freien Grüßen

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