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Re: [ox-en] extrinsic motivation = coercion

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2009/4/30 Stefan Meretz <stefan>

On 2009-04-29 17:38, Diego Saravia wrote:
Yes, that is goal: replacement of extrinsic with intrinsic

I think this idea, that people do not need "to work"* for live is
unrelated to money.

The fact, that people are coerced to work, is directly related to money
today, because primitive subsistance is no longer possible any more. You
only can make a living via money.

okey, now coercion is exercised via money

but between primitivism and money and beyond you have huge horizonts

and money is not the reasson for coercion, is only a mechanism

the logic of coercion is far more profound than money

was not discovery by marx, nor adam smith, its "biblical"

we were expulsed from paradise and coerced to work

money is only a mechanism for enhacing exchange, not a fundamental
fact about human nature

True, but it has become a secondary nature in a market society like
capitalism: Everybody has to follow.

exchange is a natural consecuence of surpluss,

Not true (and a contradiction to our sentence above).


Surplus product
and exchange is generally unrelated. Exchange is one type of societal
mediation, but not the only one.

are you speaking about:  ?

grow, work, etc are geneticaly determined.

Oh, now we entering dangerous biologistic channels... I am skipping.

ok, but we are biological items :)

Diego Saravia

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