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Then there's the question of elitism. Something I mention from time to time
in relation to expertise.


more/better work, more attentional money, more power

"to everyone as he works", that's socialism  (have capital: capitalism,
needs: communism)

human societies always have/had elits, do you known examples of societies
without chiefs?

In general I have been thinking about what [ox] is for. My short answer:
[ox] aims to disseminate the idea that peer production is a valid
alternative to capitalism. That's why the points above need to be addressed,
at some point.

esclavism, feudalism, capitalism, p2p-ism?

 At some point we have to face reality: the only way this could happen is
through a violent social revolution,

perhaps Venezuela is an example of a revolution where violence is produced
by capitalists, revolutionary people is elected

Diego Saravia

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