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Re: [jox-tech] CSS issues

Hi Mathieu and all!

6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
6 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Colors are one of the main CSS issues. Frankly I find the color 
set of
Mimbo nice. If you want a different color set then please come 
up with
a suggestion (and frankly don't because given the difficulties with
the easy settings this will be endless...).

OK, well in terms of color a question I have regards the navigation bar and hyperlinks color - light green - I can live with it, but if there are any options I would be interested to see them? Or is that locked into mimbo?
Though if you look at:
They have light grey for hyperlinks and nav toolbar...?

The light grey I found there is more or less #E0E0E0. I changed the
navigation bar background to that color and also all the foreground
color of links. However, the links are now nearly invisible because
they are typically light grey on white. This needs to be changed.

I think such tweaks are possible given we have a base theme. Changes
would be needed in the CSS which is feasible.

A CSS issue. I'd need to tweak the settings for `#portal-siteactions`.
However, your comment related not to Mimbo. Is the current placement
more to your liking?

Yes, thats true. Well its not life or death but I am not convinced that the "accessibility" information deserves such prominence? 

Well, it's an important Plone feature and I also currently don't know
where I can tweak that :-( . I could modify the position a bit,
however. In particular I could move it to the right by modifiying
#portal-siteactions/padding. Please say so if you want this.

Also the login is quite hard to see. Would it be possible to have it far right of the bottom toolbar? (since I'm on that toolbar isn't it a little weird to have a copyright sign for mimbo mag there?)

I made the login bold and larger so it stands out more. Moving it to
somewhere else is difficult.

Last week (12 days ago) Mathieu ONeil wrote:
We could try having it in a coloured band like FSF (red?) or
without a band like Discover: it is hard for me to decide without
seeing: as I am not as technically able as Stefan I am here relying
on his goodwill to try different combinations...

Also a question for the CSS.

A CSS issue. I'd need to tweak the settings for `#portal-globalnav`.
Currently there is a background color of #777 which is a dark grey.
This is is probably what you meant by the colored band. Would 
you like
me to change this color? To what?

Could we try a lighter grey please?


-Font size
I think the character fonts for the page titles above the dividing
lines (like « Frontpage » or « Research ») are too thick; a finer
font would look better, see


Another CSS issue. The font site in the toolbar is set to 
`bold`. I'd
need to tweak this in `#portal-globalnav` again. However, since this
comment was not for Mimbo: Do you still think it is too bold?

This is not about the toolbar font, but about the single page titles above the line.
It is not too bold exactly, but this font does not match the rest of the layout - it needs to be more like arial or geneva or helvetica.

Well, this is a typical style element to have the headers in a serif
font and the text in a sans-serif font - which is probably the
difference you see. In fact this is one of the few places where mixing
serif and sans-serif is considered good practice.

Therefore I didn't change this and suggest keeping it this way.

Also should be all in not-caps to match the journal title font.

Oops - that one I forgot. I'd need to change
`h1.documentFirstHeading/text-transform`. However, I'd suggest keeping
it the way it is. Please repeat this point if you really want this

Since we are on fonts could we please have the page explanations under the line (for the Research page: "These long papers focus on key facets of peer production, and report substantial findings. They have been peer reviewed.") not in italics or bold?


-Dividing line
Like us Discover mag uses a line to separate titles from article
content, black dividing lines, also see:
Their line is thicker, which gives more weight to the 
structure: I
would be interested to see if this works well for us.

Dito (I think).

Another CSS issue. I'd need to tweak `h1.documentFirstHeading` for
this. Do you still would like to have the line thicker?

If its not too much trouble, I would be interested to see what this would look like, yes.

It is now 3 pixels wide (was 1 pixel).

AFAICS these were all the CSS related points.



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