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Re: [ox-en] GPL Society Manifesto?

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 alan wrote:

Hi Chris,

Loved the photos of Berlin by the way!

Check out eben moglen's "Dotcommunist manifesto". Unfortunately it's only in video lecture form for the moment, but he promises that he's transcribing it.

For me, a large point of the point of this wouldn't be just publishing
people like Eben Moglen - who already has a lot of visibility. It would be
to bring some of the German debates to an english speaking audience. IMO
there's been a lot of discussion of these topics which is completely
unknown in the English-speaking world. I'm not just talking about Oekonux
itself, but also other groups eg.
(a criticism of some Oekonux ideas from the Krisis group). I guess from
the same is true of Italy, and Brazil, and other countries.. My problem is
I can read a page of German slowly, with a dictionary, in an hour or so...
I'd like to be able to read more without taking a lifetime to do it. I
don't think this is just me - from the speed Stefan Mn's interview popped
up everywhere, I think there's an appetite for a different point of view
which isn't just a rehash of rms v. esr. But that gets back to the problem
of translating - or even finding out what's worth reading in the first
place. Since I can't scan-read German, I need someone to tell me what's
worth reading in the first place.

Which in practice means, that if the book does include translations
of German texts (assuming it isn't actually in German) we need people
from the German list to be involved too.. and the book idea doesn't (yet)
seem to have generated any enthusiasm at all there..

(plodding on with my list, regardless.. ;-)


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