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Re: [ox-en] How about a site?

Hi Chris!

On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 01:33:29AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Chris Croome wrote:
OK, I have set up a test subwiki here (it was a test site
for the Sheffield Social Forum but it can also be used for
Oekonux testing :-)

If it's slow it's because it's on a busy domestic ADSL

It's very simple (which is quite nice), I could set up if people think that would be
good? If a sub domain name of the existing one is a hassle
we could register and do it there?

I have now another project scheduled for the next weeks, but it is
very likly, that we need a multi-language-wiki for this as well, so
maybe i join later again.

What is with the wikipedia, they have crossreferences between
different languages. AFAIK they use simply one wiki per language.
Maybe this is good enough for us, too?



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