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Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?

Franz Nahrada on Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2005 at 11:15 Uhr [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] wrote:

There is big argument between Stefan and me if that is really enough. I
think we need "need assesment" at all societal levels constantly.

again elaborating on my own thoughts:

I think this need assesment is not necessarily governmental activity. It
also can be done by individuals or groups. But in a way we have a need for
objectivity and that is where the experience of governments to deal with
conflicting interests can maybe turned into a positive contribution to
societal evolution.

I see one of the potentials of Oekonux in the possibility of "need
assesment" done by a network which has reached a high degree of maturity.


Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT02752 Message: 74/123 L12 [In index]
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