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[ox-en] ideas for wiki structuring

What would be cool categories to work on in the oekonux Wiki, 
so that we could also put a table of content on the startpage
and create a common vision of a theory garden?

I take the liberty to bring up a provisional scheme that implies many
research but also practical questions:
would be VERY good if the basic structure was the same in the German and
English Wiki.


* Free Software:
How does Free Software work and what are the recognized concepts that make
it different?

* CoreConcepts:
Ways to explain the success and historical dynamics of Free
Software/OpenSource which play a role in Oekonux - in theoretical and
generalizing terms.

* Perspectives:
Current or foreseeable social and technological developments related to
Free Software Development & Cooperation models

* Projects
Cooperative Research and Development or other Projects within or
associated with the Oekonux Community

* Participants
Who is Who in Oekonux

* Links
Where can I read more about oekonux and related stuff?

* Events
Where can I meet oekonuxees or participate in their activities?

* Forum: the meeting place of Wiki Contributors and Readers




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