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Re: [ox-en] oekonux wiki

Franz Nahrada disse:
Chris Chroome schreibt:

We just need some content now :-)

Dear Chris,

First of all: thank you!

thank you for fulfilling without knowing also my heartfelt wish for a wiki
for oekonux.

Without diminuishing the merits of opentheory, I have learned that Wikis
COULD be the ideal tool for many collaborative efforts. And given the
facts that the Oekonux community has a lots of goals this is badly needed.
For example preparing a conference, collaboratively editing a paper on
Gebrauchswert etc.

I say COULD because the art of creating a good Wiki is not a technical

I think Wikis are indeed a sandbox for the social construction of rules.
It means that indeed we need some content, but for the content to be
sustainable there has to be a conscious choice of purpose, shared by the
members of a wiki.

That's all true!

I' m inside an Indymedia project to develop a website dedicated to
alternatives to capitalism. Our goal is to create a webspace where
individuals and communities can share and co-deveop contents: we're
oriented to choose a wiki-based website to meet our deal.

Hehe I also like opentheory and it will be an interesting effort to give
mail features to a wiki--i.e. editing a wiki via mail.

My suggestion is to adopt TikiWiki as the main platform for the Oekonux
project. It's a Php/MySql CMS integrated with a wiki, which also have a
multilingual interface. A great wiki unique feature is that is possible to
create structured wikis, using already created wiki pages, so to
categorize items (quite similar to collaborative book on Drupal). It also
have forums integrated with mailing lists and many other interesting
features. It's also possible to make an unique installation using multiple
databases, so to have language based sub-websites (like, Take a look to it.


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